Digger driver smashes his way into new Travelodge hotel

This is the shocking moment a digger driver smashes into a newly built Travelodge hotel in a furious rampage over an alleged £600 unpaid wage bill. Footage shows the orange digger ploughing into the hotel at Liverpool Innovation Park on Edge Lane shortly before 3pm today.





After getting up the steps leading to the entrance, the digger tears through the entrance and white parts of the doorway can be seen falling to the ground. A few seconds later, the digger rolls back out of the entrance and down the steps but the determined operator heads back up and through the front door. The arm of the digger is well inside the reception and the driver proceeds to crash into walls and the front desk.



A number of workers can be seen cheering on the driver while videoing the incident on their phones with others appearing to try to stop him. A source told the Sun: ‘Nobody could believe their eyes. The man just went crazy. ‘Everyone said he’d had an issue over his pay and he was saying he was owed £600.’



On the Travelodge website, the hotel is listed as ‘opening soon’, but the extensive damage could set back their plans. Police were called to the scene but the digger driver had already left the vehicle and ran from the area, towards Edge Lane.



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