Horrified Visitors Watch As Man Is Mauled To Death By Lion After Climbing Into Enclosure

This shocking video shows helpless tourists watching in horror as a man was mauled to death by lions when he climbed into their enclosure in India.



The man, believed to be in his mid-20s, climbed over a 25-foot wall and jumped inside the lion safari area at Chhatbir Zoo in Punjab.


A man has been mauled to death by lions in front of two bus loads of visitors after scaling the wall of a safari park in India


He was immediately attacked by a lioness called Shilpa, who dragged the helpless man by his neck. A male lion, Yuvraj, also joined in the attack, clamping his jaws around the victim’s head.

Hearing his screams, staff rushed to try and rescue the man and sounded car horns to scare the animals away.


Blurred footage captured from a bus appears to show the horrifying moment a man was mauled by lions in a zoo enclosure in India


A team of zoo officials chased away the lions within six minutes of the attack and rushed the man to the civil hospital in Dera Bassi, where doctors declared him dead.

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