Guy Tiptoes Across The World’s Deepest Lake While It’s Frozen

Lake Baikal in Siberia became frozen with a six-inch sheet of ice, offering a portal into the world below.



A man filmed his amazing walk across the world’s deepest frozen freshwater lake in Russia. In footage recorded on January 12, the brave man is seen taking careful steps across Lake Baikal.




The crystal clear ice allowed the man to film a clear view of the coral, stones and fish at bottom of the lake. He even walks across cracks which have started to appear at the bottom of the lake and lays on the ice .

The man said it felt like he was ‘looking at a fairyland’ at the bottom of the lake, adding: ‘It felt like I was standing on the water or walking on a very fragile glass. Despite this, I knew it’s safe to be there as the thickness of the ice is about 15cm.’




Lake Baikal is the deepest lake and the biggest reservoir of fresh water on Earth. The lake is the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume, containing about one-fifth of the fresh water on Earth’s surface, some 5,500 cubic miles (23,000 cubic km).

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