Plane stupid: Man is hit by plane after recording its takeoff while standing on the runway

This is the shocking moment a light aircraft speeding down a runway appears to hit an onlooker recording the takeoff on his phone. The incident occurred in Turmalina Park in the municipality of Parelhas in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.



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In the video, the small red aircraft, possibly an Aviasud Mistral, can be seen making its way down the runway while a group of people watch and record the action. A sickening thud can be heard as the plane’s left wing is suddenly knocked out of place and damaged after apparently hitting the man. He is seen lying injured on the ground as others around him try to help, while the pilot struggles to keep the aircraft upright.



The man, who has not been named, was given first aid by those at the scene before an ambulance arrived, according to local media outlet OP9. The victim was taken to the Currais Novos Regional Hospital and his life is not at risk, news site Novo Noticias reported.



The man is said to have suffered broken ribs in the incident but this has not been confirmed by official sources. The aircraft is believed to belong to a local businessman, surnamed Eufrasio. It is unclear if an investigation into the incident has been launched.



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