Worker’s shoe sparks a huge fire in the cargo hold

A worker in south-east China has miraculously survived a massive lorry blaze ignited by static electricity in his shoe. The porter in Guangdong province was transporting bundles of cotton yarn wrapped in plastic bags when he stepped on the metal floor of the lorry, discharging the built-up static electricity and igniting a huge fire.



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Shocking footage uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday shows the worker immediately jumping off the back of the truck as the fire engulfed the inflammable material. It is unclear what type of injuries the man sustained. The video was shared by Facebook group 119 fire network, a Taiwanese information sharing platform for the fire safety industry. A shock occurs when static that has built up on our bodies is discharged all at once. Experts warned that similar accidents could be prevented by installing anti-static belts in the lorry and maintaining high humidity levels by installing mist sprayers.



It is also recommended that workers wear cotton clothing instead of synthetic ones as natural fibres such as wool, cotton and linen generally produce less static than synthetic ones such as polyester.



In November, a man in Liuyang, Hunan province had been transporting a batch of gunpowder on a wheelbarrow at a factory when static electricity ignited the explosive material into a ball of flames. The worker sustained non-life threatening burns to his body and was immediately taken to hospital.



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