Shocking moment train hits a car stuck on a railway crossing

A Volkswagen that was crushed by a train after it got trapped on a level crossing in Switzerland was empty, police have revealed. Footage of the terrifying incident shows a train ploughing into the stationary car after desperately whistling to signal its approach in Davos.





The blue car is then thrown to the side of the tracks as the locomotive stops beside it. Swiss Police have now confirmed no one was in the vehicle at the time of the crash despite claims by a British news agency that three terrified businessmen were unable to escape the car. These claims were reported by various British news organisations, including MailOnline.



Authorities have also confirmed they are questioning the motorist who abandoned the vehicle on the tracks in Davos, the Swiss town hosting the World Economic Forum. It was previously reported that the car got caught between two barriers due to traffic build up around the tiny Swiss town on January 22.



It was believed two of the men climbed out of the vehicle after the crash, but had to help the third out after he was trapped in the backseat by a child lock.



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