Confident dad shows daughter ballet moves but hilariously falls

This is the hilarious moment a father tries to copy his daughter’s ballet moves but ends up falling flat on his back. Father Kenneth Freeman watched as his daughter honed her high-kick for an upcoming recital in their family home in Atlanta.





As she practiced the kick, known as grand battement, her father asks her to do it ‘one more time’ before he decides to try it himself. Not content with just watching, Mr Freeman insists to his daughter that he can do a better kick. In the clip, filmed by mother Keidra Scott-Freeman, the energetic father proclaims: ‘Step aside, please, so I can show you how to do it! Watch this.’



He then launches into a short run up before attempting to kick his leg up high before slipping onto his backside with a loud thud.



His wife and daughter can be heard screaming with laughter as he lies in a crumpled heap on the floor.



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