Everyday he’s shuffling! School teacher rises to fame after leading pupils through an amazing synchronised dance routine

A primary school principal in north China has become the latest internet celebrity for busting some cool moves during a morning exercise routine with his students.





Every morning, 40-year-old principal Zhang Pengfei at the Xi Guan Primary School in Linyi county, Shanxi province would lead about 700 pupils on the playground in a synchronised ‘ghost shuffle’ routine a dance that incorporates contemporary jazz steps with heel, toe and arm movements. The bold headmaster thought the fun and energetic exercise routine would better encourage students to get active instead of ‘being glued to their mobile phones’. The school’s new 30-minute dance routine has replaced the government-imposed broadcast callisthenics programme, a short workout that has been a requirement at every primary, middle and secondary school in China since 1951.



The rigid routine, which involves students stretching, jumping and bending under recorded instructions, aims to improve strength, agility and flexibility. The dedicated principal said he came across a group of people doing the ghost shuffle routine at a public plaza last summer and decided to learn the dance himself.



In October, he introduced the choreographed routine to all of his students and shortly after, even teachers and staff were joining in. Video footage on January 9 shows the energetic principal and his smiling students dancing and hopping in perfect sync on the playground. Zhang was seen holding a mike, which he uses to cheer on his students.



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