Suspect Thinks He’s Gotten Away, Gets a Big Surprise

Chase started in Garland, moved into Dallas where police ordered officers to back off. Suspect pulled over at 7Eleven and went into the store. Police, some in plain clothes, confronted him as he left.



Suspect: “Yeah, I think I’m in the clear.” Dallas Police: “Nope.”

OK, it didn’t go down quite like that, but sometimes the bad guys gets away. Whether they outsmart authorities or just get lucky, sometimes law enforcement fails to get their guy. That’s apparently just what a suspect in Dallas thought recently, after authorities backed off the chase, turned it over to Dallas Air One, and waited. And just when the alleged bad guy thought he was free, game over.


Suspect pulled over at 7Eleven and went into the store.


In the video, the man gets out of a minivan and headed to a 7-eleven store. With the suspect inside the store, footage shows Dallas Police move in. Next, a marked car and what appears to be several more unmarked law enforcement vehicles surround the 7 Eleven. Then authorities do a masterful job of allowing the suspect to walk out of the store, across the parking lot and into an open area. There, the trap is sprung as four officers, three with AR-type carbines and another with what appears to be a Taser X26, quickly surround the suspect.


Suspect Thinks He's Gotten Away, Gets a Big Surprise


Finally, footage shows the scene play out, as law enforcement order the suspect to his knees and then the ground. An officer swoops in, handcuffs the suspect, taking him into custody. Meanwhile, officers move to the van to clear it for additional suspects.

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