Shocking moment driver takes off with cop hanging out his window

Texas police are searching for a man who was caught on camera speeding off while a cop was still hanging from the window of his truck. The dramatic footage was captured on a dash cam after three Welasco Police Department officers confronted Adan Loa Jr on Sunday, authorities said.



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Officers arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a man sleeping behind the wheel of his truck on the side of the road. The three officers found Loa, 28, asleep in the car. The vehicle was in park but still had the engine running. Footage of the incident shows two cruisers parked on either end of the truck and two officers on either side of Loa’s Ford F-150 King Ranch. One of the officers can be heard repeatedly telling Loa to open his door while the third officer walks to the truck to assist them. He comes to the driver side window of the car and, as Loa continues to argue, the officer at the passenger side walks over to the suspect as well.



Suddenly one of them screams ‘Put the vehicle in park!’ All three officers then try to jump on the running board of the truck as Loa inches forward, with one officer managing to stick his head through the window as they continue to yell at him to put the car in park. But Loa is unfazed, bumping right into the police car in front of him before speeding off. While two officers manage to step off the board before he gets very far, the other officer is left dangling from the window and screaming for help.



The man is then thrown from the car and sent tumbling into the road. But he quickly gets back up, running to his patrol car as all three officers call for backup. Authorities said Loa still remains at large. He has been charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer and evading arrest, according to ABC News.



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