Man excavates his basement and digs a tunnel using nothing but radio-controlled construction toys

A Canadian man has become an internet sensation after posting videos that show him excavating his basement with nothing but radio-controlled construction toys. The man, who only identifies himself as Joe, recently shared a video on his YouTube page that shows a toy excavator repeatedly dumping dirt into a toy dump truck.





Each model Joe uses has been built or modified to his own liking. Some are made completely from scratch. Joe revealed on his YouTube page LilGiantsConstrCo that he has enlarged his basement by 30 percent with the toys and removed 30 cubic meters of dirt. He has also dug a walk-through tunnel from his workshop into the basement of his house, removing 25 cubic meters of dirt. Joe, a grain farmer from rural Saskatchewan, said he first became interested in his radio-control hobby in 1995.



He has since expanded to a ‘large fleet’ of construction equipment models that include front loaders, tractors, and excavators. Joe has also started a forum to bring together those who have a passion for using RC construction toys for their actual building projects.



Joe first began posting videos of the work he does with his toys to YouTube 11 years ago. He now has thousands of subscribers, with many of his clips receiving more than 80,000 views.



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