Fast and furious! Kid late for yoga class makes the perfect entrance

This is the adorable moment a young Chinese boy late for a yoga class makes a stunning last-minute entrance. The class had already started and the other children were stretching.



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The young boy darts over to the others from a section where the parents are seated. Instead of apologising for being late or sitting down normally, the boy springs into mid air and lands into his stretching position. The instructor didn’t seem happy however, angrily clapping his hands together. The impressive leap was lauded by online commenters.



Some hailed the boy’s entrance as cute and impressive, while others reminisced on a time when they made have been able to move so swiftly and freely. ‘This kid has clearly been watching Transformers,’ said one impressed viewer. ‘I would snap both hammies and a shoulder if I tried this,’ said a Reddit user. ‘I’m at the age of, if it did that, I would die,’ added another.



Another person said: ‘Full sprint then jumps into a hamstring stretch no problem, these kids are indestructible!’ Another user summed up the video, saying: ‘This hurts my tailbone. It also impresses me.’



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