Firebreather Plays With Fire, Gets Burned

A fire-breather accidentally lit himself on fire at a wedding in Narwana, India.


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The firebreathing performer was at a wedding in north India when he suffered terrible injuries after a terrifying blowback accident on January 25.

Video of the shocking incident shows the man taking swigs from a bottle of kerosene and spitting it out onto a lighter, sending out several jets of flame.


Firebreather Plays With Fire, Gets Burned


The 34-year-old fill his mouth with flammable liquid and blow it out over a lighter to create flames twice without any problem. But on the third attempt it goes horribly wrong, and flames can be seen covering his face. Locals claim the man was using kerosene oil which caught alight inside his mouth and spread to his face during the marriage ceremony procession.


Amateur firebreather suffers terrifying blowback


People can be seen rushing to help put out the fire. We’re not sure how long it went on because the video was cut before the fire was put off.

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