Dog Caught Stealing Packages From Family’s Front Door

When a family in Newton, Utah, realized that one of their packages had gone missing, they discovered that the culprit was actually their pet dog.



Security camera footage shows the pooch running up after the box was delivered and running off with it. It was later found torn apart and buried in the yard.




Here’s a description from the video: “We ordered a new phone and Amazon “guaranteed” the new one would arrive by yesterday. We didn’t see it. Sure enough, the carrier said it was delivered yesterday at 2:04 pm. Thanks to our hand-dandy doorbell camera, we were able to see the package delivered and then watched as our dog picked it up and carried it away. After some searching through the yard, we discovered a shredded pile of multi-colored cardboard, and some chewed up components, accessories and all the paperwork and packaging. Thankfully, the phone, a Motorola Z3 Play, was perfectly intact.”




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