Woman’s Wet Hair Freezes In Iowa

A woman’s wet hair shockingly stood upright after temperatures dropped below zero and caused it to freeze.



Taylor Scallon shared the short clip of her laughing as she walks inside a house in Iowa with her long brown hair standing tall above her head.




The polar vortex has brought incredibly low temperatures to the Midwest, halted postal services in five states and canceled more than 2,600 flights this week.

In the short clip Taylor stands in the doorway giggling as she clutches two blankets in her hands. After a few seconds she looks up at her hair, which is frozen above her head as if it has been hair-sprayed into position, and cannot help but laugh.




Taylor, who has rosy cheeks from the cold, then walks inside the house and looks again at the camera laughing. As she steps inside the condensation from her breath can be seen – showing just how cold it is in Iowa.

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