Cat looks just too cool as it chills out at the bank

This is the amusing moment a cat decides to recline on his owner’s backpack inside the foyer of a bank. The footage, captured in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shows the extremely chilled feline lay back on the bag with a pair of shades as bemused customers walk past.

The ginger cat remains almost motionless as he uses his owner’s backpack as a reclining chair. During the clip, the cat, that bears a startling similarity to the TV show character Garfield, keeps onlookers amused as he relaxes at the front of the bank in a tranquil state.
The chilled cat lies on his back as he takes a quick snooze during his busy day out in Rio. The amusing video, which was published on YouTube on January 25, has already received more than 20,000 views.
One user wrote: ‘I will never be as cool as this cat.’ While another commented: ‘He’s like a real life Garfield.’ Another viewer, Shain Andrews, wrote: ‘Typical security de-tail…’

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