Owner throws himself onto airbed sent cat flying through the air at breakneck speed

This is the moment a cat is sent flying through the air at breakneck speed after its owner throws himself on an airbed it was sat on. Andru Green from Florida decided to play the prank on the ginger and white cat as it sat on an airbed.





After launching the cat out of view of the camera, Mr Green bursts out laughing, seemingly unconcerned about his cat’s welfare. The adorable feline can be seen perched on the edge of the blow-up mattress at the start of the clip, before looking behind it to Mr Green. As the cat turns back around Mr Green flops onto the bed, sending his pet flying.



A loud thud can be heard before the person filming and Mr Green start to laugh. The concerned owner then starts to get up off of the airbed and looks towards the other side of the room where the cat has been launched too before the clip ends.



But Mr Green insists that the cat escaped unharmed. He said afterwards: ‘She was fine and landed on her feet.’


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