Anteater busts out martial arts-like moves against an attacking hawk

This is the hilarious moment an anteater stretches out its ‘arms’ to fend off a swooping hawk in the jungle. A hidden camera set up in the protected area of Chank-Kin in Chiapas, southern Mexico, captured the bizarre scene.





In the video, a northern tamandua anteater is strolling along the jungle floor when a white hawk suddenly dive-bombs it. The animal initially drops to the ground before standing on its hind legs with its front legs spread wide like arms. It looks strangely human as it maintains the pose to square up to the attacking bird when it swoops again.



The scene was recorded by a camera obscured in the trees of the jungle which is activated by movement or heat. Cameras are set up around the forest to document the lifestyle of animals, such as tigers, jaguars, howler monkeys, toucans, in their natural habitat.



Anteaters stand up with their front legs outstretched when they feel threatened, known as the ‘hug’, so as to appear bigger to scare off predators.



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