Leopard goes on a rampage and mauls at least six people in India

A leopard who was spotted hiding in a house went on a rampage and attacked at least six people after officials tried to tranquillize it. The big cat mauled several people in a crowd of more than 100 people, including some who were trying to catch it, in the city of Jalandhar, in northern India.





Video of the shocking incident shows forest officials trying to get hold of the animal as it pounces and tries to maul anyone in its way. The leopard swiftly jumps from one man to another as it runs in a bid to escape the clutches of the rescuers. One man is knocked off a ladder after he is bitten by the big cat. The leopard then jumps over a wall and runs down a narrow street towards a gathering crowd. The next person to be mauled is dragged to the ground and bitten while laying in grass. After a few seconds the leopard leaps away and finds another victim. People are seen running away from the enraged animal, trying to head towards their houses and safety.



A forest guard was also attacked in the incident but didn’t suffer any serious injuries. The forest officials arrived after a few people raised an alarm on seeing the leopard hiding inside a house. After the officials tried to tranquillize the big cat, it surprisingly started jumping off the fence and attacked the people.



The forest officials tried to take it down using the tranquillizer gun twice but have still been unable to control the animal as it continues to run free in the locality. A net was also thrown to capture it but the attempts were in vain. The operation is still ongoing and a team from Chandigarh is expected to aid the rescuers in their efforts to capture the wild leopard.



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