Bus driver and motorcyclist trade blows in road rage street fight

This is the shocking moment a motorcyclist and a bus driver fight in the street in a road rage scuffle as a female conductor tries to pull them apart. Commuters were travelling home when a motorbike rider became furious after claiming the bus had veered into his lane in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 26.





He blocked the road with his bike and then stormed up to the bus to demand a fight from the driver who leaps from his seat and begins to throw punches. They end up rolling around on the street throwing punches and kicks as shocked passersby shout and scream at the chaos.



A female bus conductor tries in vain to pull the two fighting men apart and grabs on to the motorcyclists shorts pulling them down in the process. Despite successfully breaking up the fight, the rider later returned and banged on the closed bus door, sparking yet more angry scenes as the driver resumed the scrap.



The two men were eventually separated and the residents were able to continue their journey.



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