Black Cat Invades Premier League Football Match And Refuses To Leave

A black cat invaded the pitch at Everton match and caused a lengthy delay for the Blues x the Wolverhampton Wolves match.


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Those who live with cats know that they do as they please, when they so choose, and not a second sooner.

If you need proof, the latest football match between Everton and Wolverhampton had to stall for a few minutes when a cat decided it wanted to be in on the action.




The cat delightfully wandered around, inspecting the goal and sidelines. None of the players or officials seemed willing to try and help the cat escape the field. No one wants to embarrass themselves trying (and probably failing) to chase the cat down.

Eventually, the cat made its way to the sideline, but fans loved the unexpected interjection.




And it looks like the black cat brought bad luck for Everton, as they went down 3-1 to the visiting side.

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