Alligators Miraculously Survive In Frozen Swamps By Doing One Thing

Visitors to a North Carolina swamp have been struck by a strange sight – frozen alligators.



A cold snap in the US has caused temperatures to drop below freezing. Fortunately for the reptiles at The Swamp Park environmental centre, they have a smart way to stay alive.




Footage shows the alligators’ snouts apparently frozen in place above the ice.

Last Monday (January 28), Motherboard reports, at least 18 American alligators at the Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach entered a dormant state called ‘brumation’, a ‘semi-shutdown’ mode that allows them to slow their metabolism and go without food. Makes you kind of jealous.




Similar to hibernation, which generally refers to mammals, brumation can last for four to five months. The reptiles have been known to surface to keep their nostrils above water so they can breathe.

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