Wrestler Dives Into Icy Lake To Save Stranded Cat

Darden Schurg admits the move was dangerous, but said, “I felt it was only right.”



A college student in Indiana has become a local hero after leaping into freezing water to save a cat on Christmas Eve.

Darden Schurg, a 21-year-old senior wrestler at Wabash College, was visiting family in the city of Hobart when he spotted the cat walking over thin ice before falling into the water. “I knew there was short time so I had to act fast,” he told IndyStar.




His sister-in-law, Hilda Schurg, posted a video of the rescue ― complete with captions and added music ― on Facebook. Darden Schurg can be seen swimming toward the cat before standing up in the water with the animal in his arms.

He said that his “hands and feet” were numb and he had cuts all over his body when he got out. Officials say what the man did was dangerous and advise others not to do the same.




Schurg and his family believe the cat was a feral and lives outside ― but though the cat growled and hissed, there was no scratching or biting.

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