Argentinian Weather Presenter Confronts Man She Catches ‘Filming Her Bum’

An Argentinian weather presenter was outraged after she spotted a man allegedly filming her bum when she wasn’t looking.


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Argentinian Sol Perez was carrying out a piece to camera for TV show Gente OpinandoGente Opinando when the presenter in the studio, stopped to tell the her there was a man in the audience filming her behind…from behind.




Other members of the audience can also be seen videoing the presenter from behind, however, her colleague was suspicious of the man’s intentions and where he was pointing his phone.

Unsurprisingly, Perez was not impressed and quickly turned to the man in question, who was actually pretty happy with his work, saying: “Sir, what are you filming?”




You might think this would be the end of it, being caught red-handed – but in a surprise twist the unapologetic man was resolute in his right to film the presenter.

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