Mysterious ‘Baby Rat’ Creatures Invade Woman’s Kitchen

Don’t get me wrong. Rats are really cute. They’re friendly, smart creatures and they have pink noses which wiggle like Nicole Kidman in Bewitched and they make great pets.



But there’s a special circle of hell reserved for these rat-tailed faceless entities, as captured on camera by Tim Clerke in his mum’s kitchen.




The production worker from Auckland, New Zealand, popped over to see his mum after she made the creepy crawly discovery on her kitchen floor.

Where most would’ve left the squirmers to go about their business on the floor, Tim proceeded to pick them up as to get a closer look… As you would do in the wilds of New Zealand’s North island.




Baffled by the as-yet unidentified beings, Tim took out his phone and filmed them in their bizarre wriggling dance which they continued in the palm of his hand.

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