Fossil Hunter Finds ‘Golden Cannonball’ On Beach With 185 Million-Year-Old Surprise Inside

A young fossil hunter discovered a ‘golden cannonball’ dating back more than 180 millions years, while exploring the a Yorkshire coastline.


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Student Aaron Smith goes hunting for fossils twice a week and was ecstatic when he came across the rare find during a stroll down Sandsend Beach, in Whitby.




The medical student claims the fossil is an 185 million-year-old Eleganticeras, from the Jet Rock Shales of the Upper Lias in the Lower Jurassic period.

In a video 22-year-old Aaron can be seen holding the glinting cannonball-shaped rock close up to the camera, before opening it up to show the incredible palm-sized Elegantericeras inside, before closing it again.




Aaron says the limestone of the ‘golden cannonball’ was naturally coated in iron pyrite – also known as fool’s gold – and he has since given a good polish to make is shine.

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