Man fights off wild boar in front of horrified crowd

A man was attacked by a wildboar while a group of onlookers watched in terror. Amazingly, Rajesh Sahu was able to fight off the ferocious beast and escaped with only minor injuries.


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Footage shows the man getting attacked by a wild boar in Madhya Pradesh, India, as a group of onlookers watches in terror.




The incident occurred when 43-year-old Rajesh Sahu was walking home. The boar jumped him from the back on the bushes. The animal bit his hand and feet several times.

Fortunately, he was able to fight it off with his bare hands and escaped with only minor injuries. Authorities are trying to track down the wild animal, which may have been involved in other attacks in the area.




Officials believe that the boar attacked two other women in the area.

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