Teacher slaps teenager across the face in South Africa

This is the shocking moment a female teacher slaps a pupil across the face at an all-girl school in South Africa during a heated row over a mobile phone. The unnamed 33-year-old became infuriated with the teenager after she reportedly turned up to class without the correct textbook and started using her phone, which was then confiscated.





The 16-year-old girl allegedly swore at the teacher and pushed her before trying to take her phone back as stunned classmates watched and filmed the incident at Sans Souci Girls’ High School in Cape Town on Tuesday. The teacher then lost all control and hit the Grade 9 pupil with a brutal slap which echoed through the room drawing gasps of horror from the other children.



Police confirmed yesterday that the teacher and the pupil have filed assault complaints against each other, The Times (SA) reports.



No arrests have been made and the local education department has also launched its own investigation. A decision about the teacher’s future at the school is expected this week, according to The South African.



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