Safari slapstick! Mongoose pup makes a comic attempt at playing dead

This is the hilarious moment a mongoose pup tries to act dead when a large hornbill bird walks over to where it is playing. Three adorable pups can be seen wresting with each other on the side of the road at Sabi Sands Private Reserve in South Africa.





As the bird approaches a brave little mongoose runs over to it before comically flopping on its back and putting its legs into the air as if playing dead. Safari tour guide Tayla McCurdy bursts out laughing at the unusual encounter and asks: ‘Has it just pretended to be dead? That was amazing.’ The mongoose then drops to its back again as the hornbill looks around and tries to walk into the grass.



Ms McCurdy continues to giggle as the mongoose once more plays dead, before she says: ‘That is hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. ‘I honestly did not know that mongoose do that.’ Another mongoose then tries to join in and sits next to the playful one, appearing to act as a distraction, before the other jumps at the unsuspecting hornbill.



The confused hornbill then looks around at the road and into the grass, trying to work out where the little mongoose went before the short clip ends. Experts have said that the mongoose pup in the video was trying to get the bird to play with it and that the animals often roll on their back to start a game.



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