Daring or dumb? Heartstopping moment daredevil backflips on 40-metre-high cliff

This is the jaw-dropping moment an daredevil backflips while standing by the edge of a 40 metre high cliff. Aaron Vivar Hernández, 25, was so confident of his skills that he didn’t flinch once while performing the dangerous stunt.





The clip was filmed on a mobile phone at Congost de Montrebei, a popular scenic destination in Catalunya, Spain. Mr Hernández, who wasn’t wearing any safety gear at the time, can be seen standing on a platform at the cliff edge preparing for his flip. He flings his arms up and bends before launching into the air and pulling his knees up to his chest.



The daredevil quickly flips and makes a clean landing on the platform, making sure to bend his knees as he hits the ground. After the landing Mr Hernández casually walks off and swings his arms, as if nothing has happened.



The camera then pans to the side and shows the deathly drop off the cliff just metres away from where Mr Hernández has just flipped. Mr Hernández said he was ‘in complete control of his body and mind’ when he performed the stunt.



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