Hilarious video shows people slipping on ice in Newcastle

This is the hilarious moment unsuspecting clubbers were sent flying after slipping over a patch of ice on a night out in Newcastle. The footage was filmed by a group of friends who shouted out encouragement and cheered as several people slipped and fell.





As well as pain and embarrassment, some of them also lost their post-clubbing food with pizza boxes and plates crashing to the floor. The boys filmed the footage in a busy area of Newcastle, with cars rolling past and throngs of people passing by. They provided commentary on all of the slips and could be heard laughing hysterically each time. One unfortunate victim lay prone on the floor, his shoes clearly more of a hindrance than a help as he made his way along the road.



With the friends laughing, the main gingerly crawled and dragged himself clear of the ice, a female companion watching on. In the background, one of the boys shouted: ‘Go on mate, you can do it. Go on, get up!’ While another laughed and simply said: ‘It’s like Bambi on ice!’ The reaction to the watchers was mixed, with one woman yelling abuse at the boys as they filmed her near the treacherous patch of ice.



Another clubber took it in good spirit however, raising his arms after he had painfully crashed to the ground. The watching friends shouted out comments throughout the night. One said: ‘This is class.’While another added: ‘I’m having the best time of my life.’



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