This Dude Backed His Car Up at Exactly the Right Time

Dashcam video captured the moment in Los Angeles when the driver remarkably managed to avoid having his car totaled.



The video, which was filmed on December 26, shows the driver turning a corner and slowing down as he approaches a red signal traffic light.

For some reason, the driver decided to reverse even though he wasn’t blocking traffic or covering the crosswalk.




A van and another car can be seen several feet in front of him after the driver backs up. Just seconds later, an out-of-control car crashes into another vehicle attempting to make a left-hand turn.

The crash caused the totaled vehicle to crash into the van. Had the driver not backed up, his car would have also been involved in the collision.




The person who filmed the footage said he had only just installed the dashcam five minutes before he got in the car.

‘Why did I back up way farther than I was supposed to?? There’s literally no reason as to why I did that,’ he said.

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