World’s Luckiest Squirrel Cheats Death

A lucky squirrel narrowly avoided getting chopped up by a chainsaw after leaping out of a fallen tree.



On January 21, a worker from Ziegler’s Tree Service was cutting up a log so that bee keeper Jeff Horchoff, could retrieve a bee hive inside of it.




Imagine you found the perfect house and you love it with all your heart but someday a motherfvcker with a chainsaw comes and fvcks it up beyond repair. poor squirrel.

The employee of the Ziegler’s Tree Service was cutting a tree from a beekeeper in Saint Benedict, Louisiana. Things were going smoothly until he saw a squirrel escaping from the tree. Luckily, the animal got out right on time!




I used to be annoyed by cartoons showing small creatures being lucky all the time because it’s unrealistic to always escape danger, but this video proved it can really happen.

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