Honey Badger Reminds A Leopard Who’s Boss

Do not attack a baby honey badger, because the mother honey badger is not scared of you.



The amazing incident, filmed at Kruger National Park, South Africa, shows a spotted leopard with a tiny badger in its clutches. The creature can be seen munching on the honey badger’s neck before it suddenly stops and looks up.

A furious mother honey badger comes charging towards the big cat hissing and snarling ferociously as storms straight into the leopard.




The startled big cat leaps high up into the air and lets go of its prey as the mother tries tries to defend its baby.

The vexed mother honey badger chases the leopard away into nearby trees by hissing angrily at it. She then races back to her injured baby and stands guard – even sitting on top of it to ensure it is protected.

The camera pans to the leopard, who stands panting on top of a small hill, seemingly baffled by the tiny yet ferocious creature which chased it away.




Shocked tourists can be heard exclaiming in shock at the incredible sight of the mother saving her baby.

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