India’s 10-year-old ‘rubber boy’ plans to break world record

A 10-year-old nicknamed the rubber boy has his sights set on a Guinness world record for his extreme yoga move. Ujjawal Vishwakarma, who started doing yoga at just six, is so flexible he can bend his body backwards.





A video of him stretching out the incredible position has gone viral leading him to become known outside Sardhana, the Meerut district of North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. His jaw-dropping move which sees Ujjawal stretch backwards until his head touches the ground and manages to lay straight on the ground on his back before lifting his body back into the standing position.



The boy shows off his amazing ability in completing the most difficult yoga positions, named Niralamaba Purna Chakrasana, 16 times in a minute. Every day the youngster practices yoga for three hours to hone his skills.



But he is not the only youngster to master the back plank recline crunches as last year, a school girl from Mysuru set a world record for performing Niralamaba Purna Chakrasana 15 times in a minute. Ujjwal is now looking to smash that record.



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