Moove it! Calf uses its tongue to open the door to its enclosure

This is the incredible moment an ingenious calf uses its tongue to open the door to its enclosure. The footage, which was captured on a farm in Dandong City, northern China, shows the six-month-old animal carefully use its tongue to slide open the bolt and unlock the door.





After its persistent efforts, the calf manages to unlock the door to its cage and pushes the door open. During the clip, the calf stick its tongue outside the cage and manages to locate the bolt to its gate. The clever creature then uses its tongue to unlatch the bolt and open the door. After multiple attempts, the astute animal manages to slide the bolt across the rail and to the side.



The calf then pushes the cage door with its head and walks a few steps forward before the clip ends. This is not the first time a cow has been spotted using its tongue to break free.



In 2011, Daisy the cow from a farm in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, was filmed cleverly unbolting the gate to her pen with the aid of her tongue. After unfastening the bolt to her cage, Daisy ventured out to the fields outside- leaving her farmer,Tom Grant, extremely confused.



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