Please Respect This Frog’s Personal Space

There are tons of funny animal videos our there. From fainting goats, to screaming llamas, to cat videos. Then there are the videos that show you what animals sound like in a particular area of the world. This is one of those videos.



This is from a person in Florida, showing off what one of their frogs down there sounds like.




The most disturbing part is when they touch the backside of the frog it puffs up and lets out a frightening scream.

Today is the day we learned the frog’s defense mechanism when they think a predator is going to attack. Sweet dreams after hearing this!




Here’s some description from the Youtube video: “This video was filmed at our workplace in January of 2019. The reason for filming the toad’s reaction is to turn it into a meme of sorts to amuse viewers through social media.”

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