Teen Trying To Take A Photo Gets Violently Swang By Elephant On A Rampage

After taking a picture of an elephant at a fair in Nai Mueang, Thailand, a young woman literally found herself hanging on for dear life, as the animal swung her wildly for nearly two minutes.



Nichanat Manucham, 19, was taking a picture with the elephant at a country fair in Surin, north east Thailand, when it started wrapping its trunk around her leg.

The elephant, named Phan Thong, then grabbed her body, hoisting her in the air, and began trampling the surrounding food stalls, likely agitated by the heat and loud noises.




Miss Manucham managed to hold on to the elephant’s massive ivory tusks for almost two minutes as it went berserk.

The crazed elephant destroyed a food stand as its trainer, known as a mahout, desperately tried to control him. After almost two minutes, the elephant slowed down and Miss Manucham was able scramble free.




Miraculously, she escaped unhurt apart from minor grazes on her arm and was pictured moments after smiling and calling her mother, while being treated.

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