Shocking footage shows brawl breaking out in London pizza shop

This is the shocking moment a woman is knocked down and punched by a group of three other females after a fight breaks out at a pizza takeaway. Video shows the woman, who is wearing a green top and holding multiple bags, shouting at the trio who scream back at her before jumping up from a table.





They hit her several times before she’s thrown to the floor of Carolina Pizza in Hackney, East London, on Saturday night and one of the group continues to punch her. Staff at the takeaway try to break the fight up and one man comes out from behind the counter to step inbetween the woman and group while they’re shouting. Once the woman is on the floor he then tries to pull the two females apart. In another clip posted by one of the women in the group on Instagram, all four of the women involved are seen hurling mostly unintelligible abuse at each other. The woman in the green top is standing at the counter and points at the group who are shouting at her while a member of staff is standing next to them.



The group shout insults and swear at the woman who argues back with them before one of the group wails and the woman throws her arms up. As she lifts her arms a large blue carrier bag that she’s holding flies towards the group, but does not appear to actually leave the woman’s grip. Then group start screaming again at the woman and yell at her: ‘Are you mad? Are you mad? Are you mad?’ Then woman appears to try and slap one of the three women and the physical fight starts.



According to a staff member at Carolina Pizza, the fight began after the group asked the woman to put her hand over her mouth when she was coughing. They claimed that she then started purposely coughing in the three women’s faces which caused the fight. After they were separated the woman in the green top left the shop – however her head was bleeding.



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