The Great Fall of China! Tourists are seen slipping and struggling to walk on the icy stones of iconic landmark

Snowfall and freezing temperatures in Beijing have caused ice to form on road surfaces, leaving some unfortunate visitors on The Great Wall of China in a slippery situation.





Footage filmed during the Lunar New Year holiday shows tourists falling and struggling to walk along the famous fortress attraction after a layer of ice had formed on the stony surface. The capital city received its second snowfall of the season on Tuesday, triggering an alert for icy roads and low visibility. The incident took place on an unspecified stretch of the 13,000-mile landmark located in northern China and was filmed by onlookers and shared on social media.



In the footage, a young woman is seen laughing and sliding down the stony slope and bumping into her friend, who had also fallen over.



Meanwhile dozens of other visitors were filmed clinging desperately onto the handrails to prevent them from slipping down the incline.



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