BMW Driver Races Motorcyclist But Ends Up Slamming Into Freeway Barrier!

Driving Instructor in a BMW gives heartwarming safety lesson to young man learning how to ride a motorcycle.



There are a lot of times when we find ourselves doing something we know we are going to regret in the end. But like this BMW driver, there’s already no way out so we simply just accept what’s going to happen and hopefully learn from it.




In the video recorded by the motorcycle rider, he can be seen speeding on a highway. After half a minute, a white BMW car drives past him. The rider tries to chase it as the car swerves on lanes on a highspeed.

The motorcycle was still behind the BMW when the car crashed into a barrier.




No one deserves to wreck their car, but we’re not shedding too many tears for this guy’s Beamer. On the ther hand, motorcycle dude isn’t even wearing gloves and hes racing with other people around.

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