Thieves Stealing Packages Off Porches Get Followed And Then Arrested!

These thieves get a taste of instant justice after a man witnesses them stealing packages off his porch, keeps an eye on them and calls the police who eventually show up and arrest them. Not sure why she was dressed up as Harley Quinn the joker’s girlfriend, but hey to each their own.



This guy has a lot of security cameras, and he put them to good use to make a mini-documentary about tracking down a porch pirate.




First, we see a black-and-white security camera view of a young woman walking up his driveway. The scene switches to a doorbell camera, where we see her walk to the door and leave with a package. It cuts back to the driveway cam to show her walking away with the purloined item.




Then we get a wonderful interior shot of our hero splayed shirtless on his living room couch. His wife comes in a pokes him in the back and lets him know that the security cam identified a person. He springs into action, runs to his pick up truck, and turns on his dash cam. He finds the thief (and a male accomplice with respectable sideburns) and calls the cops. In short order, the porch pirates are in the arms of justice.

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