Pet Cat Terrified By Bloody Lion Documentary

It can be hard to get a reaction out of a cat, but this woman found the perfect way: Show them what their larger, wild cousins are up to. Her 3-year-old British shorthair was clearly not happy as it watched a pack of lions devour their prey.



This is the hilarious moment a cat looks completely terrified at it watches lions feasting on a fresh kill in a TV documentary.

The British Shorthair cat looks frozen with fear at it watches the fearsome predators devour their food.




The funny footage was captured by the cat’s owner who can be seen filming the clip in the mirror, in Guangzhou City, China.

Reflected back in the mirror is the face of the terrified grey-coloured moggy sat on the sofa.




The three-year-old cat does share some common ancestry with a lion, and even evolved from the African wildcat.

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