Buddhist Master Blesses Temple By Spinning Around For 4 Minutes And Throws Up

Master Huiyen claims to bless a temple at central Nantou county in Taiwan by spinning around some 152 times while sprinkling bottled water. When a bottle runs out of water, she tosses it to the ground and her entourage handed her new ones.



The she pukes all over the carpet. She said she blessed the economic growth of Taiwan by “spinning open the center compass, the compass between the sky and the earth” (WTH does that mean?) and she did it under the command of Bodhisattva.




When asked why she vomited in the end, she claims that the gods is granting her gold. She also told local media that it was because of lack of exercise and sleep.




Most netizens in Taiwan didn’t believe this is a legit Buddhist practice, they left gifs of spinning animals and movie quotes in comments.

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