What Will Happen? Putting 500 Lighters Through An Industrial Shredder!

For the record, please don’t be dumb enough to actually try this at home!



If you’ve got an industrial shredder on hand, might as well destroy some stuff and make a fireball.




This is a video from the PressTube Youtube channel of a bunch of disposable lighters (the video title says 500 but I didn’t count nearly that many) getting tossed into an industrial shredding machine, which has a Zippo on each side to ignite the escaping butane as the lighters are crushed.

Throwing 500 lighters in the shredding machine results in a pretty nice fire ball! Again, this video is for entertainment purposes only, DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF. They already did it so you don’t have to.




Why would anyone do this is the real question but it’s 2019 so everything needs to be done and seen on the internet.

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