Bus Driver Realizes He Won’t Be Able To Fit Through Toll Booth, So He… Oh No

A bus driver caused chaos on a when he turned around on on a busy highway stopping four lanes of traffic in shocking footage.


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The clip, captured in China, shows a huge red bus screeching to a halt after the driver realises the vehicle will not fit through a toll booth.

After the driver realises his error, he makes a risky decision and starts to change direction on the packed motorway. The long red bus swerves out across four lanes of traffic in its attempt to turn around.




At one point, the massive vehicle spreads across the entire width of the motorway, stopping dozens of cars from passing.

As the bus driver tries to manoeuvre around, cars can be seen trying to fit through a tiny gap. But other motorists are stuck until the huge bus manages to inch its way round – and ends up driving the wrong down back down the road.




Fortunately the driver did not caused any crash in what could have been a fatal disaster.

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