Shocking road rage fight ends up in a getaway carcrash

An angry motorist beats a man to the floor and smashes into another car in an excessive bout of road rage.





Shocking footage shows a man, wearing a green jacket, marching out of his car and confronting another motorist after a dodgy overtake on a Leighton Buzzard road near Milton Keynes. He strikes the man and pushes him to the floor before jumping in his black Peugeot to make a speedy getaway.



The other man tries to stop him, getting his fingers slammed in the Peugeot’s car door. As the driver pulls away he fails to spot the approaching red Vauxhall and smashes into it, sending bits of car flying across the road.



A bystander, who doesn’t wish to be named, told MailOnline: ‘We were on our way home and a car overtook our van and the car in front of us, very nearly causing a crash. ‘They both got out the car almost instantly as it happened. ‘As they both got out they started arguing while putting their guards up ready to fight and the rest is seen. ‘He jams his fingers in the door as he goes to leave as well.’



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