Man drags his parents’ dog behind his car as he drives it home

A driver was yesterday spotted dragging a dog behind his car as he drove on a road in eastern China. The male motorist feared the pet would bite him if it had stayed inside the car, he reportedly told police.



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The man, known by his surname Tang, said he was driving the dog from his parents’ home to his home in Jiangsu Province. A short clip of the disturbing incident was uploaded to the Chinese social media yesterday afternoon, causing an outcry. Furious web users managed to track down the identity of the owner of the car after noticing the number plate. However, the car’s owner who lives in Changzhou City said he had lent his car to a friend.



It turns out that the owner’s friend, Mr Tang, had driven the car to a nearby city Wuxi before the incident took place and was filmed by an eyewitness. Mr Tang said the dog belonged to his parents, according to local newspaper Modern Express quoting Changzhou Police. The man said his father had fallen ill and his mother had to look after his father in the hospital, therefore he was looking after the dog.



He claimed he had not intended to harm the pet. He also said he was not close to the dog and was worrying it would bite him. The dog was dragged for about one kilometres (0.6 miles) before escaping from the rope restraints and running home, Mr Tang said. Mr Tang has apologised to the public for his behaviour. He said the dog was not hurt.



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