African snake squeezes the life out of an antelope

This is the moment one of the world’s biggest snakes is seen squeezing the life out of an antelope on the fairway of a championship golf course. Golfer Richard Gill came across the surreal sight at Leopard Creek Country Club in the town of Malelane in South Africa.



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The African rock python was coiled around the antelope on the fairway of the sixth hole of the golf course which is home to the Alfred Dunhill Championship. Mr Gill filmed the python wrapped around the antelope with his smartphone and later shared the footage on social media. The antelope can be seen twitching as the life is squeezed out of it by the predator. He said: ‘Sadly the buck perished and the python left its kill, probably feeling uncomfortable with all the spectators.’



Golfers can be seen with their carts in the distance marvelling at the weird and wonderful natural sight. The snake’s trail can be followed on the wet grass after it emerged from the bushes.



The African rock python, which can reach six metres in length, is Africa’s largest snake and one of the six largest in the world. It kills its prey by constriction and has even been known to eat crocodiles.



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