Worst day ever: Biker hits a car slides across a road then gets hit on the head by falling lamp post

A biker miraculously managed to escape unharmed after he flew off his motorcycle and was then hit on the head by a falling lamp post just seconds later. The two accidents happened in Nagpur in the west Indian state of Maharashtra of India.





Video shows a man smash into the corner of a white car and and slide across the road after coming off his bike which hits the bottom of a lamp post. As the biker tries to stand up and recover from the crash, the post falls towards him and smacks his helmet.



He is thrown to the ground again but manages to sit up and quickly tries to get back on his feet. The man did not suffer any serious injuries as his helmet was intact and took the full impact saving his life twice within seconds.



In India, 15 lives are lost in road accidents every hour and many of them are bikers who don’t wear helmets at all.



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